• Chetneet Chouhan

What I learned from my first live stream podcast

My Hindi live stream podcast schedule - Saturday night after 11:30 PM IST.

If you speak English and want to have a discussion with me, no worries just write "replay in English" after your question.

The bottleneck that comes between me and my posting regular podcast schedule isn't that I don't have content (10 videos already made and sitting duck on my hard disk) but problem is that of uploading to YouTube.

I have very inconsistent internet. And to combat that, I will try to have a broadband internet connection.

Anyways, the experience was daunting. But at the end of the stream, I really don't want to end the stream but I had to sleep (and it was already one hour I did live stream of) and was having too much fun.

One most important thing I learned is to ready to face any questions. I thought everyone is going to ask me about reading but they see me more like a motivational guy. Haha. Which I am not.

Hitting 1 hour mark of live streaming in my hindi podcast

And 80/20 Rule mattered again, I didn't have a great studio or anything ready (except some idea of what to stream and I had prepared a small presentation to present as I thought nobody would come). Just my 480p camera and boom, people loved it.

Why they loved it? I think because of YouTube live's magic where it just makes possible real-time back and forth communication. And extremely relatable, rather than just saying out loud your script there sitting like a robot.

If you know Hindi and are interested to watch the whole live stream, then you can do it from here or below.

I think every week would create enough anticipation for viewers and they would love to join in for a discussion. I will also bring interesting guests.

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