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What should a notetaking app really be

I recently published a video essay, titled, What should a notetaking app really be.

In this video essay, I have taken a different approach. Rather than talking about which notetaking app to use, I decided to outline the needs a notetaking app should fulfill. These needs can be fulfilled by any system of notetaking and even notebooks.

I have outlined three things that should be fulfilled.

1. Task Management (and planning my video essays and book I am writing and all other stuff and my project's tasks),

2. Growth Journalling (because research has shown writing longhand is great for mental health and I sometimes do big picture and brainstorming stuff here).

3. Personal Library. (Accumulation of my research and everything I am studying books to textbooks to skill).

Here are the "apps" I use.

(1) Task Management, I used to use Evernote but now Bullet Journalling. I use it too for

(2) Growth Journalling. BUJO again.

(3) Personal library - it was used to be on Evernote but not I use the NoteCard system (google Ryan Holiday's notecard system) but I have customized it as per my need. And for all my PDFs (for reading research papers and annotating them) I use OneNote (a truly underrated app).

Hence semi-technological.

The icons I used to make the thumbnail is from this great website. Flaticon.


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