• Chetneet Chouhan

What you do when you see someone doing cool stuff?

I want to share an excerpt from Vmagzine's interview with a music artist I adore, Eden.

“If you’re on Instagram and you see someone doing something amazing and you’re jealous, you can just put down your phone and go do something amazing too,”
“But most of the time we just keep scrolling—it’s so easy to forget that we have that choice, and so we end up feeling stuck by things that actually aren’t sticky. And on the other side of that, this constant exposure to so many possibilities can make it hard to settle, and then we keep throwing things away in search of something better.”

You are scrolling your feed, and you come across someone doing something cool. 

Then you can choose to do two things. 

Ignore it fully and try to find another dopamine hit. 

Or you put down the phone and make a plan to do it. 

Choices you take each moment, in total, results in your life. 


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