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Why workout?

Why workout?

  1. Feels better.

  2. Building a stronger body to fight life-shattering-disease later in your life.

  3. Better looking.

  4. There is a deep connection between the brain and the body. During the rest period, if you take a rest (doing nothing, or worse, using Instagram) then you won't feel that rested but going on a jog or workout helps a lot.

  5. Cultural acceptance of the sedentary lifestyle is alarming.

The most simple and best workout that I could found is Stronglifts 5X5

And this is simple, effective and something that I could stick with for more than 2 months now. And I am going strong (and motivated but that doesn't matter.) So do try this simple exercise.

It's better than Julian Shapiro's workout plan. (I have tried it).

Here is the rationale for Stronglifts 5X5.

And another reason why I love 5X5 is its lack of isolating exercises (only one muscle worked by each exercise). And given the importance, it deserves to compound exercises (multiple muscles worked by each exercise). Hence more work is done in very little time.

I also document my workouts in my Bullet Journal. Read this post by James Clear.

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