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Why you should make rules for yourself for social media usage

Smartphones replaced hobbies

I really think our generation's no one regret would be the staggering amount of time they have spent on social media.

Hence articulate why you use social media and develop rules, to maximize the value it provides.

Rules have the image of being restrictive. Rules are actually freedom-giving. But they are what actually provide you with freedom. Discipline equals freedom. Articulating rules and disciples under which you define why and how you will use social media will help you extract maximum value from it.

Example: Using Instagram for inspiration (if you are an artist). Then for this value you getting from this internet service, you don't really need to have an app on your smartphone. 20-40 minutes of surfing each week are sufficient. On desktop so that you can avoid

The most used social media app I use is Telegram. And I have written a full guide for being a Telegram Minimalist. (And as of now, I don’t use it anymore for communication purposes. I use it only for my workflow, just like Airdrop in Apple).

Or you can simply quit social media sites. Like me.


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