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Writing essays is much more

Writing essays was used to be a pain in the a$$ during my school time. We usually have to write about (except for a few) abstract topics. Either we didn't care, or we couldn't understand.

Especially for me, But I have always found a way to add a story or a unique insight.

From childhood, this uncreative way of writing an essay was to memorize everything. We usually get a list of topics that were expected to come and boom. Choose your favorite ones. And write about them.

My favorite topic was: Pollution.

But since I have started reading books continuously, in the last school exam (12th Board Exam), I did something different.

I did something risky. I didn't write an essay on Pollution. I wrote on Albert Einstein.

You may think its no big deal. But it is that inflexible education system that won't change even when your whole year is on line. So yea, balls were on the line.

And I don't even know when he was born. Which school he went to. Or what he discovered (other than his famous theory of relativity that just blew my mind. Do google Time Dilation.)

Because you are supposed to know all the facts if you are writing about someone.

But before some months of the exam, I have read a book, Ideas and Opinions by Albert Einstein. That I brought from the not-so-near second-hand book store.

the book i read.
Ideas and opinions Image

What I know about his ideas and opinions only.

So what did I wrote on my ten marks essay? I have discussed his ideas. His ideas on suppressing creativity and promoting memorization. His ideas about learning. That's it.

Did I fail? No. Did I pass? I topped the class.

This shows me there is always some way to improve an old schooling system. Or at least the hope.

Now, if you want to learn something. The best thing you can do is to write an essay about it.

I am currently learning about graphic design. And I am writing an essay about it.

After writing basic guidelines. It got so bright what I want to learn. It's like getting a direction. And yes, I will publish that guide on my website.

So you better subscribe to my newsletter so that you won't miss it. I am just saying. For your benefit. :)

I have already written an mini guide/essay on writing online.


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