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What are hard-hitting books for You

You should re-read hard-hitting books only.

There are thousands of books that get published each day. Everyone's "Books to read" list is already overflowing.

I have already talked about why you should re-read books at all, to begin with. In this post, I am writing for more clarity on what do I mean by the term "hard-hitting" books as it is basic for keeping a CommonBullet notebook. I want to argue that you should not try to take notes from all the books in this universe but from only hard-hitting books.

What are hard-hitting books?

Books that are most useful for your unique current life circumstances.

Max joined the office and now every day, he needs to work all day sitting. he then decided to join a gym for exercise. He finds out that there is so much to learn about exercises. He buys a book on workouts and postures.

Then later he finds out that nutrition plays a more important role than just doing exercises.

He then brought books on nutrition. In that, he learns that the most sustainable way to keep eating high-quality food is to make them yourself. He then brought books on cooking.

For Max, hard-hitting books would be like these: Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat by Samin Nosrat (a book on cooking), Bigger Leaner Stronger by Michael Matthews (a book on workout). He should take good notes and must re-read those books.

Hard-hitting books for Max would not be books like Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill or 12 Rules for Life by Jordan Peterson or Kama Sutra by Vatsyayana Mallanaga or Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham. But in the future, it may be or may not be.

These are what I call hard-hitting books.


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