• Chetneet Chouhan

Why re-read books

For me, there is a three-level reading a book.

  • Level 1. - Knowing about the book. (usually include that it's in my to-read list.)

  • Level 2 - Reading. (There is a spectrum of reading a book from reading just 1st page to reading everything including last blank pages. But its for another essay/story.)

  • Level 3. - Re-reading. (Reading the book that you already read.)

The highest honor for any writer is being her book in level 3. That your work is being re-read and being highlighted/underlined. For readers too, if you find a book that you are re-reading it, its a gem for you too. (That's the reason in the first place you are reading it again.)

Whenever you read a book again, the book is different. Not that book has been changed but you have been changed. As you get more life experience (which we constantly get), you are now in better condition to discard whatever didn't work. And gain new things that didn't make any sense when you first read it.

Also, reading a book that you first didn't love can be loved after reading it again.

Sublet Art of Not Giving A Fuck by Mark Manson, with this controversial title, the book was bald for me when I first read it. Now, after some failures in life, I re-read this book and now its stunning realistic and relatable experiences made me come to this conclusion.

The one of the reason why failing feels bad for us is that we feel entitled. We feel that we are something special and the world owes us success. Nobody owes us anything. That's how you get over failures in life.

Give a second chance to books that you didn't love at first sight (or read). Ignore the first few chapters and read which seems relatable to you. You may find something "glad I didn't return this book" moment.

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