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Invest in a Notetaking App.

Not just money but time also. Here's why it's worth it.

Invest in a note taking app

Some weeks ago,

A friend of mine was looking for a test paper that was taken place at the beginning of this class. But he couldn't find it. He contacted me, I knew already that it would be a waste of time to search the physical copy. I added my 'test paper' tag in Evernote, and I got more than 79 test papers that have been taken place till now. I then added 'Sub-Law' (this is my system of adding specific subject), and all the test papers of Law subjects come up. I then added the teacher's name (I had multiple test papers from various sources), and now, just 9 test papers appear. I forwarded him and boom! I saved his day.

This entire process took me a little more than 1 minute.

This was just a small example.

Now it's happening so many times that I don't notice it anymore.

If your gallery looks like this. (Screenshot lover)

Then you need to have a system to review them later on. When you upload these to Evernote, it scans each picture you store on it and makes it searchable. It can even browse my lousy handwriting.

Hopefully, it is not that smart to tell me I need to improve my handwriting. Haha.

Reading space.

Whenever you encounter insightful articles (hopefully like this), you don't want to miss it. Still, there is no time to read it deeply. You ended up bookmark it. But is that the right solution?

Many articles get their link moved, defeating the whole point of bookmarking it And even sometimes even the entire article gets removed by the author. I have some articles on my Evernote that are now removed from the original position. Hence I can read it. Highlight it and take notes whenever I want, even without an Internet connection.

And the reason why I use Evernote (not other) is that it's been more than two years since I have started using it. Now I did fully understand how this works. The mindset I use while using it. Here. This is an example of investing time — not money.

After using it for one year, then I switched to a premium plan. Which, as I know how this works, totally worth it. I wasn't at all in figuring out stage.

You don't need to use Evernote. The purpose of this article is to tell you about the importance of having a notetaking app.

Even some screenshots like there, on my telegram channel are of screenshots of my notes on Evernote.

Writing space.

I sometimes write full articles on Evernote. And on the go, without the internet, when the internet comes, my work gets automatically uploaded, and now I can work on my PC.

Everything is stored in the cloud. Even though my phone gets reset. I still have my notes, ideas, articles I want to read, and my diary on my personal knowledge server. (aka on Evernote).

Start using one. Start by writing what you learned today.

I have found a lot of mental clarity. While working, ideas get a distraction. Hence I write them down on my notetaking app and boom! I can tackle it later.

Even the idea of having your notes secure in your private server away from the noise of the internet. It's enlightening to feel.

It doesn't matter whether it is Evernote or any notetaking app. Don't overthink about which notetaking app to download.

Here is some recommendation to get started on your notetaking journey.

Thank you for reading. Means a lot to me.

Having a notetaking app is first step towards building your personal libriary of knowledge. Second step is to start learning. I recommend you to start calling yourself a polymath and don't shy away from topics that you think are complex.


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