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It's trivial to talk about which notetaking app to use

Notion vs Evernote.

Roam research vs Evernote.

Roam Research vs Notion.

Google keep vs Roam Research.

That's the hidden downside of placing a high value on ideas like "efficiency": the wise-seeming impulse to avoid unnecessary investment often devolves into putting important things off in the hope that someone else will save you the effort. - Do It The Hard Way – Josh Kaufman

Don't consume too much productivity advice from a productivity guru. They exploits our "shiny new thing" syndrome. Keep a check at what you consume in your life. From food to information.

There is a “shiny new thing” syndrome, especially common to people who love technology. Every year new apps come out, launching with slick marketing campaigns and bold visions. It is tempting to view each new product as a silver bullet, trusting that a team of crack engineers and designers has somehow “solved” knowledge management once and for all.
There is a cost to switching apps, and I think it’s much better to invest in a trusted solution than to spend energy migrating from one place to another. What really matters is your output: what are you creating or producing out of this knowledge to make a difference in your career, your business, or the world? It’s doubtful that any mere feature set will dramatically improve the results you’re getting.
My recommendation is to instead pick one notes app, and invest in it for the long term. - The Case for Digital Notes by Tiago Forte

Rather than fighting about which tool is best. Start with whatever you have in hand.

Just pick up any one app and use it for your deep work. Because the real benefit lies in the long term.

That's why I always recommend downloading any note-taking app.

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