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Portable writing Instrument. Making an effort to remember more.

Tell me this, how many times this has happened?

You read a book, and someone talks about that book, and you had no idea. You have listened to the audiobook during the workout and completed one in one month. Congratulations but you forgot what you had learned after some time.

If you are like me, this happens a lot of time.

So here is a rule, thanks to Improvement pill for this incredible Insight.

The Effort Rule.

Just purchased some mininote books after filling up 2 mininote book.

Whenever you hear (podcast or audiobook) or read (article or book) something, you want to remember later. Make an effort to write that down. That is why you want to keep a pocket diary and a pen with you all the time.

I keep it wrapped in plastic wrapper as its rainy season here. And whenever you hear something gold from the podcast you can immediately jot it down to your pocket notepad.

You aren't just limited to learning from these things only.

  • Whenever you get an idea, it's great to have tools to transfer and deal it with later. (that's how I have been using Evernote, but I now write things down)

  • Or during a conversation, you just learned something significant, don't feel bad about writing it down in front of that person. You will leave Impression to that person that you are a serious learner. He will open up more.

  • Before going to sleep, you can do planning for the day after. (Nothing fancy, just an idea what you think is important for tomorrow.)

Even though I won't able to write an essay on one page, but just covering one idea enough and title it, it goes a long way.

(Optional) And after you have done this, I go one step further and store it on my personal database for all of my learning. I use started using Evernote premium (I don't recommend for beginners, first try it out free), for this purpose.

At the end of the day, I scan my mini notes and upload, annotate, tag, title them to Evernote, I don't need to save the physical pages now. They are all correctly secured on the cloud. An example.

Even though this note-taking process in the middle of commute or middle of a conversation or during reading will act as a barrier and restriction of flow. But what's the aim of all learning if you can't remember what you just learned?

Thank you for reading, it means a lot to me. Consider subscribing?

Chetneet Chouhan


Now you have started to keep an diary with you always. But why not go digital too? You must invest in tools that help you to be more efficient. (Invest In A Notetaking App).

Keep an eye on what you consume. Thats what defines your personality and your perspective on other things. And why reading long form is still the way. (Carefully Choose What You Consume on Internet).

Watch this video by one of my favourite YouTuber Richard.


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