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2017 Personality 01: Introduction by Jordan Peterson

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The more you understand yourself and the people around you, the more you understand the nature of being.

Reading tip

Read as if it matters. Make reading textbooks one of your priorities. Read as if the person is writing about you. And try to understand what the writer is telling you because it'd another tool you could potentially use.

Read sophisticated people's ideas and thoughts to really know the beings. Not unreasonable to point out that you are the most complicated creature in existence. There is some relationship between our personality and how our brain functions.

Have a story to hook facts on else you have the only memorization. Having more tools (from reading) helps you make better decisions in your life.

What is knowledge

Knowledge is not memorization.

Knowledge is the generation of cognitive structure that enables you to conduct yourselves more appropriately in life.

Plan of attack and scheduler. Treat this course or university study as a daily job. Hence more likely to succeed. Less likely to despair when you fall behind.

Highlighting is not effective. Reading, closing the book, and then writing a summary of what you have read is useful.

Family dependency

Humans are dependents on the family. And it's for a very long time hence they couldn't have possibly made a habit to exit from there.

But it exposes the probability of becoming entangled in multigenerational family pathology.

People become overdependent on their parents. To become free from intervening element of the family so that they can exist as independent individuals

Part of the hallmark of positive psychological development is the creation of an individual that's capable of acting independently (implicit idea). - Sigmund Freud

How you learn

"in filth, it will be found" - Sigmund Freud

We learn by exposing ourselves voluntary to something that frightening and disgusting for you

There are dreadful fears and memories and abuse, failure of courage, these all leave you undeveloped out of avoidance.

And make you stronger in consequences.

You learn only when you are wrong.

Find out and venture into the unknown to find out what wrong you did. Into the belly of the beast.

This improves the quality of your personality and helps you overcome your mistakes.

You bring your personality and character to each situation you encounter in life. Hence it's important to orient yourself to see the world better.

And more sophisticated you are in relationship to yourself and to others more you understand the people. The deeper you understand the nature of your own being, the more pleased life you will live.

You only learn when you are wrong.

  • If what you wanted happened (being right), then you are happy and your model of how to act is correct.

  • If you were wrong (real learning), the potential for various paranoid thoughts of increasing severity come well at you, you have to sort through it all the possibilities to find out what it was you did wrong and how to retool it,

    • then you have to go to the belly of the beast (dark place) to find out what went wrong.

    • Break it down into small pieces and help them devise strategies of approach and mastery

And that improves the quality of your personality and helps you so that you won't repeat the mistakes again.

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I have made a video essay on Jordan Peterson.


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