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Announcing Personality course notes taught by Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson’s Personality lectures that he taught in 2017 at the University of Toronto. I also have other Jordan Peterson lecture notes.

Lecture notes,

(Work in progress, subscribe to my newsletter to get notified.)

  • 2017 Personality 04/05: Heroic and Shamanic Initiations

  • 2017 Personality 06: Jean Piaget & Constructivism

  • 2017 Personality 07: Carl Jung and the Lion King (Part 1)

  • 2017 Personality 08: Carl Jung and the Lion King (Part 2)

  • 2017 Personality 09: Freud and the Dynamic Unconscious

  • 2017 Personality 10: Humanism & Phenomenology: Carl Rogers

  • 2017 Personality 11: Existentialism: Nietzsche Dostoevsky & Kierkegaard

  • 2017 Personality 12: Phenomenology: Heidegger, Binswanger, Boss

  • 2017 Personality 13: Existentialism via Solzhenitsyn and the Gulag

  • 2017 Personality 14: Introduction to Traits/Psychometrics/The Big 5

  • 2017 Personality 15: Biology/Traits: The Limbic System

  • 2017 Personality 16: Biology/Traits: Incentive Reward/Neuroticism

  • 2017 Personality 17: Biology and Traits: Agreeableness

  • 2017 Personality 18: Biology & Traits: Openness/Intelligence/Creativity I

  • 2017 Personality 19: Biology & Traits: Openness/Intelligence/Creativity II

  • 2017 Personality 20: Biology & Traits: Orderliness/Disgust/Conscientiousness

  • 2017 Personality 21: Biology & Traits: Performance Prediction

  • 2017 Personality 22: Conclusion: Psychology and Belief

I think at the end of 2022, I will be able to publish all 20 lecture notes.

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Hey, are you still planning to publish your notes? It's nearly the end and all we've got is only notes on the first one.

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Chetneet Chouhan
Chetneet Chouhan
30 dic 2021
Contestando a

Let me first apologize for the delay due to personal reasons. And yes, I will publish full notes. If you want to get notified when published, signup for my newsletter. (as you have pushed me, the next lecture notes will come fast :)). Cheers!

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