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Steven Pressfield | Nobody Wants to Read Your Sh*t

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  • Nobody wants to read your sh*t, you go from genura to genura. He (the author) has gone through all.

  • The most important thing is, nobody wants to read your shit. People are mean.

  • People are extraordinary busy. We need to cut through the noice and focusing the energy.

  • Do work like that that someone will be crazy not to read your work. And create something of high value.

  • Focus on messaginging. Get to point

  • Energise whatever you are doing. make it sexy or more valuable.

  • Repeat across everything you do. From your writing to products you have.

We are all in sales - Dan Pink.

  • And we are all storytellers.

The new ABCs now,

  • Atuned. Empathy and shuttle back and fort of reader's perspective and your own perspective.

  • Buoyancy. Simulantency levity and gravity. We need to groud your energy. And hence being energised.

  • Clarity. What story you are telling? Whats your concept. Whatever you say it must have a concept. (from Dan pink's To sell is Human).

  • Hero 10+3. Good story has two components.

  • Beginnig, middle and the end.

  • Make it compelling. Tell us the story.

  • You are the hero in the ordinary world. Hanging around. And then you get the call to adventure. That can show up in the number of different ways. From whisper to directly inviting. Hero usually says no here. Full hero's journey is in this Ted Talk.

  • You find your true voice and you create the body of wrk coherent with that. We are all writing the story of our life. Question is, is your story intresting enough to get you jump out of morning every time. Create vitality (the state of being strong) and answer that call to adventure.

  • Because the energy will get expressed, one way or another. Positively and negtivery. And while telling your story, break that down into three parts.

  • The Voice of authority.

  • If you are writing self help. You better know what you talking about. People say when they look at you, this guy has integrity.

  • Essentially. To be exemplar to actually truly embody the ideas you talking about.


  • When I first started working on movie sets, I used to marvel at how the director could answer so many questions from so many people so quickly and with such authority. “Where do you want the camera?” “What mark should the actress hit?” “How long till lunch?” “There.” “There.” “Forty minutes.” How did the director do it? How did he always know? One day I asked. “Because,” the director answered, “I have a point of view.” In other words, the director knew what movie he was making. He knew what it was about (subject.) He knew what he wanted it to look and sound like (voice, medium of expression, and style). - From one of his blog post.

  • Lead yourself first. For example, parent and child relationship. Kids don't listen to what parents are telling them, they do what they see their parents doing.

  • Be the embodiment of the truths your're trying to teach.

  • Confucius said (2000 years ago), don't worry about being recognized for whether or not you have skill and talent, he said, focus on being worthy of recognized.

  • White Whales.

  • Number one question people usually have is. What should I focus on?

  • Go after your white your whale.

  • The thing that scares you the most. The thing that challanges you the most.

  • Thats what going to demand most from you.

  • Activity: Whats the thing that when you sit down you say look if I had no fear, what are the things that you will do? Whatever jumps to you. Do those things.

  • Elite Warriors when they hear the sound of gun fires, they goes towards it. Elite artists run towards where their potentiality lies.

  • Write. Those are necessary. We need those to alkalize this, we need that as fertilizer to seed of your potentiality so you can actually actualize your potential and give us what you got.

  • Give use your gift.

  • You need to live your life as an artist and a creator and a human being like a miner. Who is refining the ore in gold. Or in whatever you do.

  • You are working so hard on being focus, energized and repeating all these.

“This discipline and rough treatment are a furnace to extract the silver from the dross. This testing purifies the gold by boiling the scum away.” — Rumi

  • We want your best, that's not easy to do. Just. Best.

  • Nobody Wants to Read Your Sh*t. But when you do the work. We all want it.


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