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Part 2 | Historical & Mythological Context by Jordan Peterson | notes

This is part 2nd. This was part 1.

This lecture’s title should have contained Harry Potter, as this is what it would have attracted a broader audience.

Jordan Peterson’s Attraction and Dating Advice

The best position to face chaos is voluntary.

Facing chaos voluntarily (which is the best position to face them) is an attractive quality. During Jordan Peterson’s interpretation of the Harry Potter movie, Harry (knight) saving Ginny (the virgin) from villian (dragon) is an archetypal story. This is an attractive quality and admirable quality. Because it signifies that a person is willing to help and stand up for himself as well as for you too (when the situation arises).

Failure point outs an update

When you find a failure, which is a great learning tool (a not a pleasant one), you have just found out that your map of reality is different from reality.

The knocks you get after each adviser makes you integrate new information, that ultimately updates your map of reality towards being more aligned. Do watch his ted talk on potential.

Rules have to be broken sometimes

First, understand rules. Don’t break them for the sake of it.

Harry Potter didn’t just break them but only when it was necessary. To solve mysteries. (Harry Potter series actually coming under the mystery genre).

Peace isn’t default

Because there is always chaos near you. No matter what. Just try to get your head around the sophistication of plumbing in your own house. If it broke down, you have chaos now. Understanding this allows you to appreciate current peace. As we usually take peace for granted.

We take peace as default. As this is now it's supposed to be. But that's a blatant mistake. We humans since the beginning of time trying to domesticate our surroundings. And as a result, the next generation won't see the problems we have now solved. This is why it's valuable to study history. I have a small piece on it written.

The solution makes the problem invisible. Now the seemingly needless bureaucracy is all there. The problem gets hidden (solved) behind hence, the only thing left is to criticize that solution's byproduct problems.


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