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Start With What You Have

Start With What You Have?

To not ruin your reading experience, I will list relevant links at the end of the article.

Whenever you consume content of someone. You may realize something. You probably say this to yourself a lot of time. I can't perform/create like this because they are very good at it. And they may be born talented.

What exactly happened to me, and I am writing it down here.

Thomas Frank. I was watching his video on his improved desk. To maintain his website, youtube channel and his podcast. Pretty big space. And I thought I don't have any of these. I was thinking, I want to write more but due to not having a dedicated space, I can't write regularly. Stupid. I know.

And also, I was watching Sorabh Pant's My Dad Thinks He's Funny. I have watched many shows on YouTube and Amazon Prime. And I noticed how fluently and confident he is. Even with talking with a real live audience, he nevertheless able to crack jokes in real-time. And I was thinking (again), damn, I want to have this confidence. But this much good, he must have the inborn ability.

The thing about these two people was, I was comparing with them based on what they have and what I currently have. I am comparing my starting of the journey with the top expertise with them.

Then I get to know about their back story.

Thomas Frank was writing since 2011. For 9 years. Which exploded my mind. I am honest, 5 years ago I understand that websites are made by humans like you and me. I used to think everything is on the Internet and generated automatically. Come on, I was 9 years old. And I have started writing dedicatedly for less than a half ago, and I had so much expectation by watching people who are at the top in their game.

Sorabh Pant. He had performed 1,200 times in 8 years. I have performed once. No comment from me on it.


Start Now

Start with what you have already. I used to write on my phone. Thomas frank used to work (write) in his dorm when his roommates go to sleep. Sorabh Pant has experience of performing 1,200 times before he could perform at this professional level.

Many people think they need space to work (like me). When you start working with what you already have. Two things begin to happen.

More things you get for it. I got a laptop (thanks dad), and now, with studying, I also use it to write.

Your skill also gets developed. Which puts you ahead of those people who don't try and those who are waiting for the perfect tool.

Jeff Goins, on his podcast, has talked about his Guitar experience. He was trying to learn guitar, but he had a pretty bad one. When he used to play that guitar, it doesn't sound excellent. Finally he got the opportunity to get the new one. He went to the store and given his bad-sounding guitar in exchange for a great new one.

When the guy at that shop played it (to test). It sounded amazing. The only reason the guitar was playing bad because of his low skill level and lack of practice.

Thank you all so much for reading. It means a lot to me.

Chetneet Chouhan

Downloading a notetaking app is easy. And great step to start with.


Relevant links,

Jeff Goins's podcast. That I have talked about.

Thomas Frank's website, podcast and YouTube channel.

Sorabh Pant's My Dad Thinks He's Funny prime original.


To end this article, I may take the help of a Tweet that I have just found of Vishal Khandelwal sir.

And you can download (or listen) the episode from here.

Photo by Gia Oris.



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