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What I read in April | Paul Graham | Jocko Willink | Tim Urban | Jack Donovan

I am testing the index card method that I learned about from Ryan Holiday. Which I would use as my personal library (at least that's the current plan).

So here are interesting things that I read this month.

Essay: Tim Urban on Deciding a Career (link)

Two great ideas,

  • Your worth ethics will create a difference in the long term.

  • Don't think of a career as a long tunnel or as a commitment to like 40 years. See them as dots and once you are done with a dot (business or job), you can jump on another dot.

Book: Discipline Equals Freedom (affiliate link)

A short read, many cool ideas.

  • Discipline is a precursor for freedom. As Jordan Peterson said, We aren't looking for rights but responsibility for us to bear. Take a burden and carry it on your shoulders.

  • Start eating less and less wheat or rice as our body does not know how to digest them as we started eating them from just recently of about 10000 years. Workout. Everyone should work out.

I do a 5X5 stronglifts workout. Simplified and saves a ton of time.

An essay by Paul Graham that I forgot the title I want to add here. Because I loved it so much.

Essay: (forgotten the title) by Paul Graham (link after I re-discover it).

View your careers as the different types of work you do in your life.

Here is what I took note of when I read that.

Book: The Way of Men by Jack Donovan (affiliate link)

Reading great books on the topic of masculinity helps me develop deep confidence that isn't always what we learn by reading any other books. Sexuality is a topic that we don't talk about but it has the potential to have goldmine progress in your life as its most underdeveloped thing in life. It's also a great way to add diversity to your reading arsenal (more reading tips).

Do let me know what you think of monthly book recommendations like this.


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