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Think | Exercise

Thinking is a thing. The least we do now.

We now keep reacting to other things more.

Let's do it now. Let's do some thinking. I want to make you think.

Question. What's the work that makes you feel like you are saving the world in one sense.

Not literally saving by being a superhero, but intellectually or making someone's life better.

You say, if I do this well, then I am helping a lot of people/very few people in a deeper way.

Write it down. Keep it a secret. Don't share this with anyone.

It was like an exercise that could be one of the biggest impactful exercises you have ever done. :)

If you love making paintings = my paintings are delivering leisure to those who are in need.

If you love writing = my work is making people think.

Do this exercise in your notetaking app.

After reading aboves, watch this video.

Thank you!


Photo by Simeon Jacobson. Thanks mate.


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